2014 Water Diplomacy Workshop Reflections

July 28, 2014

Each June Professor Susskind and Professor Islam host a week long workshop for reflective water professionals. In its 4th year, a diverse group of participants from 16 countries travelled to Boston to learn how to implement actionable ideas by adding flexibility to how we all think about water and how to use ideas from the Water Diplomacy Framework to address water challenges. Each year, the workshop group continues to impress with their willingness to share and collaborate with people who begin the week as strangers. During this intense week, the relationships and skills growth that develops within this group is truly inspirational.

Please take a minute to view our reflections on the Water Diplomacy Workshop and the 2014 Workshop experience. Workshop alumni are invited to re-connect with the Water Diplomacy Project via commenting on the blog (or send a note) and welcome your ideas on how to make the Workshop group and Network relationship stronger, building a more effective and connected global community of reflective water professionals.