Current Projects

Developing a new class of non-technical strategies against cyberattacks on critical public systems
Enhancing the results of water, energy, and environmental transboundary disputes
Enhancing the capabilities of current and future generations of entrepreneurs
Centering Indigeneity within the field of urban planning
Preparing students to assess and enhance public agency's cybersecurity
Developing a set of teachable practices for mediators working in the context of sacred land conflicts
Training the next generation of technical leaders, politicians, and policy makers
Leveraging change agents to promote the adoption of renewable energy driven policy
Promoting financially sustainable and socially equitable solutions that will make drinking water affordable for all urban residents

Previous Projects

Leveraging devising seminars to help key stakeholders forge multinational agreements
Promoting multisector, collaborative decision processes for water governance in Southern Chile
Building south-south learning networks for sustainable development
Providing a model for coastal communities to prepare for the impacts of climate change
Proposing pathways for navigating political uncertainty and policy conflict for offshore wind energy
Aiding cities formulate public health risk management plans using community-based role play simulations
Demonstrating the value added by social and environmental impact assessments for real estate development projects