Science Diplomacy

In collaboration with Paul Berkman, Professor Susskind is helping to create the new Science Diplomacy Center. The Center sponsors a series of training activities around the world including an annual Science Diplomacy Dissertation Enhancement Workshop in the early fall academic term for Boston-area doctoral students - in conjunction with the Science Diplomacy Program of the American Academic for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Science diplomacy is an important new area of research and practice that fosters closer collaboration between science and diplomacy and seeks to create constructive international partnerships. Professor Susskind, with Professor Noel Selin in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science (EAPS) at MIT, are developing and testing new ways of incorporating negotiation and policy advisory skill-building into advanced doctoral study. The Mercury Game, developed by the Science Impact Collaborative, is being incorporated into the training programs being sponsored by the Center for Science Diplomacy at AAAS.