Professor Susskind Publishes New Book, Good For You, Great For Me

June 3, 2014

Thirty years ago, Roger Fisher and Bill Ury wrote the groundbreaking book Getting to Yes.  It established the mutual gains approach to negotiation, or what the popular media likes to call "win-win negotiation." But there are few, if any, negotiating situations in which everyone can get everything they want.  In reality, most people want to win at win-win negotiation. And the way to win is to come up with a proposed agreement that is "good" for the other side and "great" for you.

Good For You, Great For Me provides the missing operational guidelines for winning negotiations in business, family disputes, international relations, or public affairs without undermining trust or ruining relationships. It provides not just new principles but new tools—six operational steps to take after you’ve found your way into the trading zone—to ensure you get as large a share of the pie as possible.

On September 18th at Harvard Law School, Professor Susskind will be teaching a one-day program to implement the tactical, six-step process outlined in Good For You, Great For Me. For more information and registration for the program, click here.

To purchase a copy of Good For You, Great For Me click here.