Malaysia Sustainable Cities Program

The 2015 MSCP Practicum and 2014-2016 MSCP Scholars, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Malaysia has an explicit goal of transforming itself from a developing to a developed country.  Even in the face of substantial ethnic, racial and religious differences, the population has made enormous strides in this direction through a national planning effort that has promoted sustainable city development and a shift from agrarian to high-tech investment. In conjunction with our partners at Universiti of Teknologi of Malaysia (UTM) and Iskandar Regional Development Agency, the Collaborative and the MIT Community Innovators Laboratory (CoLab) have begun to document the ways in which this Muslim democracy has used its oil and gas revenues to promote universal education (through college), investments in large scale integrated infrastructure systems and entrepreneurship (especially for women).  Ten visiting scholars from developing countries spend half a year at UTM and half a year at MIT to transform their research findings into on-line teaching materials that can be used throughout the developing world to share what Malaysia has learned about sustainable city development.

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