Cambridge Climate Change Impacts and Public Health Risks

Temperature Trends, June-August, Clara Deser, Reto Knutti, Susan Solomon and Adam S Phillips

The City of Cambridge faces daunting climate change-related risks. The health impacts of local climate changes are likely to be devastating if no action is taken to prepare. A team led by Professor Lawrence Susskind and doctoral student, Ella Kim,  is investigating new ways of helping the city formulate public health risk management plans using community-based role play simulations. The Science Impact Collaborative team has used a tailored role play to engage community activists, business leaders, university administrators, religious leaders, environmentalists and other organizational players in Cambridge in a careful review of various strategies for dealing with the public health impacts of climate change. We are currently preparing a paper suggesting ways that the city government can integrate its climate mitigation and adaptation goals into the remaking of the city’s master plan.

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