Class of 2015:

  • Katie Blizzard
  • Julie Curti
  • Lisa Young
  • Danya Rumore
  • Todd Schenk
  • Bruno Verdini Trejo
  • Leah Stokes

Class of 2014:

  • Ryan Cook
  • Toral Patel
  • Casey Stein
  • Nicholas Marantz

Class of 2013:

  • Carri Hulet is an senior associate at the Consensus Building Institute
  • Aditya Nochur

Class of 2012:

  • Jenna Kay is an associate mediator at Kearns and West, in Portland, OR.

Class of 2011:

  • Deborah Lightman is a consultant at IndEco Consultants in Toronto, Canada.
  • Amanda Martin is the Principal Planner with the Rhode Island Division of Planning.
  • Tyler Corson-Rikert is a Presidential Fellow in Washington DC.
  • Vanessa Ng is working with FEMA at Innovate! Inc.

Class of 2010:

  • Sarah Hammitt is an Urban Planner with Jacobs Engineering in New Orleans.
  • Chris Horne is a Planner at Sasaki Associates.
  • Evan Thomas Paul is the Operations Director at the Center for Marine Assessment and Planning at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
  • Kim Foltz is the Director of Community Building and Environment at a CDC in East Boston. BJORN JENSEN is working at the Consortium for Energy Efficiency.

Class of 2009:

  • Anna Bromberg is a Database and Policy Analyst at the Community Economic Development Assistance Corporation.
  • Allison Lassiter is a PhD candidate in planning at UC Berkeley.
  • Nathan Lemphers is a Senior Policy Analyst at the Pembina Institute.
  • Jenny Edwards is at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Class of 2008:

  • Marisa Arpels is currently working at Point Carbon, a carbon market research and consulting group. There she conducts research on the major players and business opportunities of the emerging North American carbon market.
  • Mattijs van Maasakkers is an assitant professor of city and regional planning section at the Knowlton School at the University of Ohio.
  • Siobhan Watson is working as a Policy Analyst for the New York City Council.
  • Beth Williams is working for a major utility company in New York on energy efficiency programs and collaborative efforts in New York City.
  • Mimi Zhang is a consultant in the Emerging Technology & Energy Efficiency and Sustainability group within Navigant Consulting's Energy Practice. She has been thinking and learning about her favorite topics, including renewable energy integration issues, challenges to wind development, and the impacts of renewable energy legislation. For the past few months, she has been focusing on the technology, applications, and benefits of energy storage, with a particular emphasis on the interplay between storage and renewable energy.

Class of 2007:

  • Katherine Antos is a Water Quality Team Leader at the EPA's Chesapeake Bay Program, and was nominated for the prestigious "Call to Service Medal " in 2011.
  • Chris Lyddy is currently a Research Associate at MIT Sloan. He is researching the structure and effectiveness of Nike Considered, the firm's environmental product design initiative.
  • Alexis Schulman is now a doctoral student in MIT's Department of Urban Studies and Planning and will be working on a set of related issues dealing with urban sustainability and the impacts of climate change.
  • Sharlene Leurig is an Insurance Program Manager for Ceres, a non-profit organization focused on environmental affairs.

Class of 2006:

  • Anna Brown is working with the Rockefeller Foundation in New York covering international urban issues. She also currently works on an initiative aimed to help build resilience to the impacts of climate change.
  • Marina Psaros is currently living in San Francisco where she runs NOAA's Coastal Training Program. In this position she is responsible for training development, outreach, and technical assistance programs that facilitate information exchange between environmental science, policy, and management communities. This program helps managers better understand and utilize the latest science coming out of research institutions and helps researchers better understand managers' needs.
  • Peter Brandenburg is working for the Southern California Association of Governments as a Senior Regional Planner.

Class of 2005:

  • Jen Peyser Vanhooreweghe is working as a Senior Mediator at RESOLVE.