2018 Boston Science Diplomacy Workshop Program

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
27-28 September 2018

Prof. Larry Susskind (Science Impact Collaborative, Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT)
Prof. Paul Berkman (Science Diplomacy Center, The Fletcher School, Tufts University)
Prof. Maria Ivanova (John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, University of Massachusetts Boston)

Dr. Heather Goldstone, Living Lab Radio.

Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle (S&TDC) of Boston
Walter de Wit, Consul for Innovation, Dutch Consulate
Sander de la Rambelje, Senior Economic Advisor for Innovation, Dutch Consulate
Christian Simm, Chief Executive Officer, Swissnex
Brazilian Consulate General
Mexican Consulate General
Québec Consulate General
United Kingdom Consulate General

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Thursday - 27 September 2018 – MIT
Time Location Event
8:30 9-255 Breakfast
9:00 9-255 Introduction and Welcome
9:15 9-255

An Overview of the Elements of Science Diplomacy. Coming to grips with the problem of defining science diplomacy using a hypothetical scenario.

Discussion Leader:  Larry Susskind

10:15   Break
10:30 9-255

Recognizing the Diplomatic Relevance of Science. A framework for thinking about the broader significance of scientific research. What relevance does scientific research have internationally? How might it better incorporate or relate to other disciplines and fields?  What can be done to make scientific findings more useful to a broader population?

Discussion Leader: Paul Berkman

11:30  9-255

Generating International Agreement. Understanding the challenges facing international treaty-making participants (both scientists and diplomats) and why it can take so long to reach agreement, even when the science is settled and the urgency of the issue is clear.

Discussion Leader:  Larry Susskind

12:30   Lunch
13:15 9-255

Using Science to Inform Decision Making. Learn how to present science-based options to decision-makers without advocacy. The exercise focuses on a real-world international environmental treaty-making effort.  

Discussion Leaders:  Paul Berkman and Maria Ivanova

14:15 9-255

Mercury Simulation. Put your skills to the test! Confront the problem of balancing risk and uncertainty, as well as scientific and political concerns, by participating in a multi-party simulation of an international treaty negotiation. 

Discussion Leader:  Larry Susskind

15:15   Break
15:30   Simulation - cont.
17:00   End Day One
Friday - 28 September 2018 – MIT
Time Location Event
8:30 9-255 Breakfast
9:00 9-255 Debriefing the Results of the Mercury Simulation.  What did you learn?
10:15   Break
10:30 9-255

Communicating with Diverse Stakeholders. Practice explaining your own research findings to an unfamiliar audience.

Discussion Leader:  Maria Ivanova

11:30 9-255

Journalistic Communications with Science Diplomacy. Practice presenting your self and your research to scientific journalists. 

Discussion Leader: Heather Goldstone

12:30 9-255 Lunch
13:15 Killian Hall

Your Dissertation Research and Science Diplomacy. Put into practice what you have learned in preparing to communicate your personal research findings to Boston-based Consul Generals.

Discussion Leader: Paul Berkman

14:30   Break
14:45 Killian Hall Introduction to Consul Generals from the Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle of Boston
15:00 Killian Hall Interacting with Decision-Makers (S&TDC Consul Generals). Test your science-diplomacy skills by presenting your dissertation findings to a Consul Generals and receiving their feedback.
16:00 Killian Hall

Panel Dialogue with Consul Generals. Training next-generation diplomats.

Moderator:  Paul Berkman

16:45 Killian Hall

Open discussion. Review of the Workshop and What Was Learned

Discussion Leader:  Larry Susskind

17:15 Killian Hall Courtyard Soirée with all Participants and Consul Generals