2018 Boston Science Diplomacy Workshop

Are you interested in advocating for better use of science in national and international policy-making? As a scientist, do you feel you lack the negotiation skills needed to succeed in a diplomatic context? Are you thinking about a possible career in Science Diplomacy?

The 2018 Boston Science Diplomacy Workshop can help. Building up on the first-ever workshop of its kind in the Boston area in 2017, the two-day workshop aims to provide participants with 1) an understanding of science diplomacy theory & practice and 2) soft skills such as negotiation and dispute resolution techniques in relation to scientific issues in national and international settings

This year's workshop will be held September 27 - 28, 2018 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The full program for the 2018 Workshop can be found here

Materials to prepare for the workshop can be found here

A list of faculty and staff affiliated with the workshop can be found here

Thank You to All Donors, Supporters & Sponsors