Todd Schenk

Assistant Director, MIT Science Impact Collaborative

Todd’s research focuses on how infrastructure planners, decision-makers and other stakeholders can make effective decisions in the face of complex risks and uncertainty. In particular, his dissertation work is studying collaboration across institutional boundaries and the use of decision-support tools like scenario planning when making choices about transportation infrastructure under climate change. Todd engages with stakeholders via role-play simulation exercises, using them to explore options, tools, approaches, the use of science and data, and the influence of competing interests with participants.  Todd is working with and funded by Dutch research organization TNO.

Todd has an MCP from DUSP and has worked on projects around the world, including China and South Africa. Professionally, he has worked on numerous projects as a consultant for the Consensus Building Institute since 2007. Among them, he managed the development of a course on climate adaptation planning for local government officials. Prior to returning to graduate school, Todd worked with both civil servants and non-governmental organizations across Central and Eastern Europe on governance for sustainability and capacity building projects at the Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe.

For more information, visit Todd’s website.