Bruno Verdini Trejo

Bruno Verdini Trejo headshot

Bruno’s work focuses on how stakeholders can improve their negotiation strategies. The spotlight is on the management of natural resources, with the aim to foster government, corporate, and non-profit partnerships that deliver better, fairer, and more effective results. Through the eyes of the chief negotiators of international agreements in the energy, water, environment, and infrastructure sectors, Bruno pieces together detailed accounts of practical and sustainable solutions that thrive on joint fact-finding and adaptation. His research relies on cognitive and emotional insights from the field of mediation and conflict resolution; observations about the psychology of judgment and decision-making; tactics from the field of adaptive leadership and collaborative management; and cues from the narrative structure of compelling political and media communication.

Bruno is an interdisciplinary doctoral candidate on Negotiation, Decision-Making, Leadership, and Communication at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at MIT (2015), working with faculty at Harvard Law School, the Department of Political Science at MIT, and the Kennedy School of Government. He is a former Mexican governmental official as well as a French national, who has worked on projects with partners in Paris, Washington, London, Riyadh, Geneva, Stockholm, Tokyo, and Vienna. As a research associate at the Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School, Bruno writes articles for the Teaching Negotiation Resource Center, films and edits role-play simulations, and interviews conflict resolution experts about their latest insights, in order to produce content for broadcast media.